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How should I care for my stainless steel globe?

The manufacturer recommends you clean it with a mild vinegar and water solution (like you would a window). You can use car wax once a year, professional #10. To remove scratches, you can use automobile scratch remover.

Can the gazing balls be left outside during the winter?

It is recommended that glass globes be brought in for extreme winter weather. We have had one in our garden year 'round for over 8 years with no problems. Georgia winters are relatively mild. We cannot be responsible for any problems that occur if you choose to leave it out.

What size is a "typical" gazing globe?

We sell more 12" than any other size gazing globe.

Do you have globes without a stem?

Yes, we now carry stainless steel Mirror Balls. They are shatterproof and non-tarnishing. They also float!.

How do you make the stainless steel mirror balls float?

There is a small hole in the stainless steel mirror ball. You must plug this hole with silicone. If you desire the globe to sit down in the water a little bit, you may fill it with some water before plugging the hole.

What is the best method to secure a gazing ball to the stand?

Your globe should be secured stem end down into a pedestal with a double stick floral adhesive tape (ie. Cling, Surestick, etc.) found in craft or florist supply stores.

Do you make the glazing globes there yourselves?

No, we only make the hand crafted copper items.

How should I care for my globe stand and Downspouter?

A high quality polyurethane weather sealant has been applied to protect the finish against envioronmental factors. To maintain the high quality finish, we recommend that you seal your piece at least once a year with exterior grade polyurethane spray. Chemicals added to water, such as chlorine or bleach, may damage the finish. We do not warrant against damage due to chemical additives.

Do you sell plants?

No, we do not sell plants. We only sell garden art.

Do you do custom copper designs?

Yes. If you would like an estimate for a custom sculpture, give us as much description as possible including size.

Can I buy just a copper globe stand?

Yes, but we cannot be responsible for your scratching or breaking your globe if you have trouble securing it.

How are the globes protected from breakage during shipping?

The globes are breakable. However, we have never had one break in transit. They are packed in a box surounded by styrofoam peanuts. That box is placed in a bigger box also surrounded by more peanuts.

What happens if an item is received in damaged condition?

All packages are shipped insured and with delivery confirmation so that if they are damaged or lost, we have recourse with the USPO or UPS.

How long does an order take to get to me?

Usually an order will be shipped within 48 hours of it being received. It then takes 2-5 days to arrive at most locations in the US. Handcrafted copper art is shipped within 2 weeks. You will be notified via email if it will take longer.

What does shipping cost?

Within the US shipping costs $9.50 per address no matter the size of the order or number of items. Canada shipments are $40 for most orders. Other international orders are $50 in most cases. We will notify you if it is not.

How do you ship?

We usually use the USPS. Large orders are sometimes shipped UPS.

Can I ship an item to an address different from my own? (as in the case of a gift)

Yes. We will black out the price on the invoice included with the order. We will include a gift card at no charge if you would like.

Can you ship my order overnight?

Express Mail is $30/shipping box in addition to your regular shipping charges. If you have not completed your order, you may go here to add $30/shipping box to your current purchase. If you have already completed your order, you may go here to purchase Express Mail.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. Proceed to the check out but instead of entering the credit card information, print the order. Mail order form and check or money order to:

The Magical Garden
159 Castlebar Court
Mableton, GA 30126

Do you have secure ordering?

Yes, We use CCNOW, a credit card service that provides a secure connection between you and their server. We never see your credit card information. They do not allow merchants to receive phone orders and enter the numbers themselves.

Do you have a showroom? Do you have a print catalog?

No. We have only manufacturing and storage facilities. We do not have a print catalog at this time.

Do you have a wholesale catalog?

No, we do not sell anything wholesale.

What are your office hours?

We are generally available to answer the phone between 3:30 and 5:30 Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

What is your return policy?

Your purchase price will be cheerfully refunded upon return of regular merchandise in new condition. Shipping charges will not be refunded and you are responsible for shipping the item back to us (insurance is recommended). Special orders are not returnable.

What is your phone number and address?

Our phone number is 770-739-8536. Our address is:

Magical Garden
159 Castlebar Court
Mableton, GA 30126


The Magical Garden is located outside Atlanta, Georgia. If you have any questions please email us at

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